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Ertlberg Duo

Ertlberg Duo – Werbelieder

Werbelieder Released 2014 – 2019 Available @ YouTube Band Members Studio arrangements, instruments & backing tracks: Robert Walitsch Online Streaming Available @ YouTube Stories, Rumors & Gossip As their funny, no parental-guidance-needed videos got more and more attention in the ‘hood, local companies started paying real €€€ to have themselvesContinue readingErtlberg Duo – Werbelieder


McFrans (Vocal Recording)

Vocal Recording for Album Released January 2018 Stories, Rumors & Gossip McFrans approached the Rehab with a special request to record the vocal tracks for their latest album, which was being recorded and produced in Ghana. So we had several sessions, recording lead and backing vocals, did pre-mix editing andContinue readingMcFrans (Vocal Recording)