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Albums, EPs, Singles, Covers, Demos, Promo Material et al. recorded at the Rehab

Mülch & Kakao – Chocolate Is My Life (Single)

Reinhard Peischl – Einfach Ich


Maier & Walledge – Dunkle Töne (EP)


Maier & Walledge – So gern hier (Single)

Ertlberg Duo

Ertlberg Duo – Werbelieder

Ertlberg Duo

Ertlberg Duo – Wunsch-Konzert (Album)


WA:HA:MA – Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 (Album)

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Enjoy some Tunes from the Rehab!

Is your band still longing for that debut album?

Then it's high time we make it happen.

Looking for a catchy line? Tune? Jingle? Video Clip?

Catchy Tunes is my middle name … and unless you can get Charlie Harper, call the Rehab.

Ever dreamed of having your own single on Spotify?

We know how to get you there.

Would you like to sing a song for your sweetheart?

No worries if you have no experience. We got plenty.

Want to get your band on iTunes, Amazon, Google Music & Co?

Been there, done that.

Do you need special music for special moments?

Let's write something special that will fit perfectly. Straight from the heart.

Want to sound as good live as you did in the studio?

You need someone at the FOH mixdesk who knows and loves your music as much as you do.

Looking for a producer to bounce off ideas and help creating a final product?

Look no further. Guilty of producing singles, EPs & albums across genres …

Do you need help launching your own website or online campaign?

Here is your resource for creative web design, content creation, online teasers and more …

Do you put people on hold?

Then you may need a custom phone holding loop, maybe with a touch of advertising?

Do you feel like recording a demo?

Of course, you could try yourself, but you get a better result if you get us involved.

Looking for a creative concept for your video? Or a creative cutter?

Videos gotta look cool - no matter whether it's about your music or your product.

Need help to get your polished tunes printed onto silver discs or vinyl?

We know what steps to take.

Need to find the best gear for your live gigs?

Don't buy twice. Get some advice.

Do you need to fill musical skills gap in your desired productions?

The Rehab is stocked with superb instruments and there are people around who know how to play them in the pocket.

Overwhelmed by what it takes to count your beans?

We know how to register your art to receive royalties. We can help with the digital paperwork.

Want to understand more about lights & PA, backing tracks, visuals, DMX, and all that other crap?

We have created and established custom solutions for live show control and automation. Many of them for low budget. Our knowledge saves your money!

Anything else requiring a creative solution?

You don’t ask the question, you never find out …

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