Ertlberg Duo – Wunsch-Konzert (Album)

Wunsch-Konzert (Album)

Released Mai 2016

Available @ YouTube

Band Members

  • Alfred Amtmann: Vocals, Guitar
  • Werner Luef: Drums
  • Robert ‘Bobby’ Kern: Tuba, Free Dance

Studio arrangements, instruments & backing tracks: Robert Walitsch

Online Streaming

Available @ YouTube

Stories, Rumors & Gossip

After their first almost unplugged album the 3 from the Duo showed up at the Rehab with big concepts and tons of movie scripts in their mind. With no limits on anything as long as the music supports what they intended to shoot, this turned into a fun project. Every song an adventure in itself, the outcome open when we started out … and climaxing at the surreal description of a rural swimming event …

… and yes, their melodies resemble James Last, their lyrics Bob Dylan, their production style Boney M, their career Milli Vanilli …