Reinhard Peischl – Einfach Ich

Einfach Ich (Master)

Released October 2019

Only available as limited edition CD @ the artist

Band Members

  • Reinhard Peischl: Guitar, Double Bass

Stories, Rumors & Gossip

Reinhard recorded all these incredible performances at home using a Digitech JamMan Solo XT Looper as a recording device, meaning no chance for any edits, cuts or likewise, but play from start to finish in a perfect manner. If happy with the recording, he needed to commit it with no option to undo, then track the next instrument on top of the existing ones and in this way laying down double bass and several guitars.

My part in this project was “just a little help from a friend” … I took the mono export from the looper and did a little bit of creative mastering i.e. de-noise, place the dry recording in a room and perform subtle EQ, compression and polishing.

The quality and honesty of these performances deserve any audience they can possibly get. Hence, I really felt like putting them up here despite my lack of a significant contribution.

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