Rehab Produktionen

why don’t you like reggae?
even Tarquin likes reggae
Mary Berry likes reggae
so why don’t you like reggae?

- "Well Done", Idles

over and out
is it screwed
cos I don't even know
what half of these new tricks will do
out of booze
the same clowns
the same shoes

- “Same Shoes”, I Am Kloot

Wie soll ich etwas woll'n, das ich schon habe?
Verdammt! Das ist eine äußerst gute Frage!

- "Das Ziel ist im Weg", Mine

you've got a nerve to be asking a favor
you've got a nerve to be calling my number
can't you hear me, I'm bleeding on the wall?
can't you see me, I'm pounding on your door?

- "The Rat", The Walkmen

Außerhalb der Zeit
Fühlt sich so an wie das weite All
Pustet Milliarden Gedanken frei
In meiner Welt
Außerhalb der Zeit

- "Außerhalb der Zeit", Bosse

a letter to you on a cassette
'cause we don't write anymore
gotta make it up quickly
there's people asleep on the second floor

- "No Aphrodisiac", The Whitlams

why don’t you get a degree?
even Tarquin has a degree
Mary Berry’s got a degree
so why don’t you get a degree?

- "Well Done", Idles

Ich will raus
Ich will aus diesen Schuhen raus
Auch wenn sie gut aussehen
Ich seh nicht gut drin aus
Landung auf dem Bauch
Besser als ins Gras zu beißen
Sehe Nadelstreifen
Bilder auseinanderschweifen

- “Heile Welt”, OK KID

there is freedom within, there is freedom without
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
there's a battle ahead, many battles are lost
but you'll never see the end of the road

- “Don’t Dream It’s Over”, Crowded House

and if I only could
make a deal with God
get him to swap our places
be running up that road
be running up that hill
be running up that building

- “Running Up That Hill”, Kate Bush

the night is on the run
with a bottle of ouzo
and a rusty gun,
the north wind
is like a Spanish guitar
soaked in petrol
burning on the bar

- “The Darkness”, The Cat Empire

so many adventures couldn't happen today
so many songs we forgot to play
so many dreams are swinging out of the blue
we let them come true

- “Forever Young”, Alphaville

commencing countdown,
engines on
check ignition and may
God’s love be with you

- “Space Oddity”, David Bowie

it's better to burn out
than it is to rust

- “My, My, Hey, Hey”, Neil Young

with your feet in the air
and your head on the ground
try this trick and spin it

- “Where Is My Mind”, The Pixies

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