::: who :::

this is me mostly
Robert Walitsch aka Trebor Walledge
musician for 30+ years
engineer for ~20 years
audio engineer for ~10 years

::: how :::

anyway you like, really
u write, i record/mix
i write, u perform
u record, i mix
i lay down the tracks, u add on top
u bring a band, i record and produce
either way is fine

your ideas, my ideas
one fine production

::: when :::

anytime you like, really
get in touch
we'll find a way

::: where :::

find me >>here<<
virtually and physically

got treated rooms
fits a band
provides good acoustics
it ain't my bedroom

not going to boast about gear
got plenty, all top

::: why :::

serious about music?
still ask why?
u should not have wasted your time 
reading any of this